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How to Keep Skin Clear When You're On An Airplane

Updated: Feb 5

I have a love-hate relationship with the plane. Even if I'm excited and know I'm going on a well-deserved adventure, I'm salty at the same time because I know my skin is going to give me some trouble. Every time I set foot on a plane, my skin begins thirsting for moisture. By the time I land, I can barely recognize my skin. If you're planning a getaway, here are some tips on keeping your skin protected.

Hydrate your skin

Carrying a travel-sized moisturiser is a great way to keep your skin from looking parched by the time you land. Just take a dime-sized amount and press it into your skin when you start feeling dry.

Keep your face fresh

Although you can't carry your liquid face wash to the plane, you can carry makeup removing and face cleansing cloths. Cleansing your skin gets rid of dirt and buildup, apply a moisturiser right after. I like to use a misting spray too.

Beware that wipes can be drying to the skin when overused.

Feeling sleepy

As clean as your flight may look when you board, taking a nap with your face on the seat is a no-no. While pillows they give you are sanitised, it's better to bring your own if you can.

Quench your thirst

Whenever you see that hostess cart, although it is tempting to ask for some alcohol, always ought for some drinking water. Drinking lots of water while on the plane helps to keep you hydrated.


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