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My Current Skincare Routine

Updated: Feb 5

Way before I joined the beauty and aesthetics industry as a beauty therapist, I would stay up all night bench-watching makeup application and skincare videos. This was my initiation into the beauty world. I simply copied all these routines to the bone without ever questioning or understanding the process or why they were using certain products.

Now that that I'm older and wiser haha. Just kidding...I later joined a Beauty school to pursue a career in beauty therapy and tell you what...I got all the tea on different procedures, products and the importance of understanding your skincare.

For those of you who follow me on instagram, I posted a video of my skincare routine. I went through my skincare routine showing different products that I use on myself as well as my clients. Here are quick steps go follow as you create your own.

Enjoy Xx


This is the first step in any skincare routine, I personally tend to gravitate to foaming cleansers rather than oils or serum-like consistency cleansers. I usually like to rinse my face and take 2 pumps or 3 of cleanser and massage in upward circular motions onto my damp face for approximately 30 seconds then remove with a warm water and a clean towel. It’s important to do a double cleanse to get rid of all traces of makeup, dirt & pollution.


Exfoliation basically aids the desquamation process. Facial scrubs, AHAs & BHAs keep blemishes away by loosening dead skin cells and increasing cell turnover, brightening your complexion & ensuring your skin absorbs all the subsequent products you apply far more efficiently, meaning you’ll see the results of the skincare you’ve invested in more quickly.


I've always been curious to understand why people tone at all. Now that I know, it would be mean not share. So basically toners are meant to close your pores after they have been activated from the cleanse. I use 2 damp cotton discs to evenly distribute it all over my face, neck and chest area.


I’m willing to spend more on serums now which was never the case before. If someone had told me this years ago, I'd probably tell them off. Serums penetrate deeper into the dermis & generally contain a high amount of active ingredients, this means that they give results!

Moisturise /SPF

This is the final stage, It “locks” in all your above efforts. Applying SPF regularly protects your skin from harsh uv rays, pollution in the air and other nasties from damaging your skin.

Since I'm black, I never really felt like It was necessary to wear SPF. Now that I know better, I wear it everyday.

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