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Diary of a Black Fashion Model - Is Diversity Just Another Trend?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

With the increasing presence of diverse dark-skinned models on today's runways, one would assume that the beauty and fashion industry is evolving. However, it is surprising to discover that this is not entirely the case.

A model on the makeup chair

I am perplexed because we no longer have to struggle to find makeup shades for darker skin types. Gone are the days when our runway queens would appear ashy due to the lack of suitable options. I mean they had our runway queen out here looking real ashy (no shade, its true). Look at Naomi Campbell on the runway back in the 90's. In today's world, this should no longer be an issue, especially considering how the beauty industry is profiting from embracing diversity.

It is frustrating to witness the progress made in the industry with the inclusion of more diverse faces on the runway, only to find a significant gap in the hair and makeup category. Every time I have a runway show or a photoshoot, there's a ridiculously high chance that the makeup will be a total miss. One shade of dark foundation for all dark-skinned models? Come on, we're not all the same shade of dark (for reference, check out the shade range offered by ) And don't even get me started on lipstick meant for lighter skin tones – it's a disaster on our beautiful complexions. And let's not forget about the orange blush that turns our gorgeous dark skin into a dull mess under those runway lights.

Dear fashion and beauty industry, can we pause for a moment and truly listen? I am not the first person to raise this concern. Model Leomie Anderson addressed this issue in a 2016 interview, and many other darker-skinned models have echoed the same sentiment. It is now 2022, and yet we find ourselves singing the same tune.

A model backstage at a fashionshow

(I don't own rights to this image)

Now, I know there are plenty of brands out there claiming to cater to darker skin tones, and we have some incredibly talented makeup artists who specialize in working their magic on our complexions. So, what's the deal? What's really going on? Do you even care, or is this simply not your concern because it doesn't affect you?

All models, regardless of their skin tone, deserve to sit in a makeup chair and not have to worry how they will look when they get up from it.

Can this not be just another trend?

Xx A Black model

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