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Falling in Love With Your body

Updated: Feb 5

This has got to be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do but when it is done, the beauty and the love that overflows is unexplainable.

Everyone deserves to feel good in and about their body regardless of age, size, shape or height. This is who you are so if you cannot change it, embrace it.

I grew up all my life skinny and tall, this is has always been my physique. It always bothers me when the world picks on me for being "too thin" or "too tall"and make these little comments and think it is funny or okay.

Fast forward to being thrust into the modelling industry where your next job is dependant on your size and height. It is a crazy industry to be in and if you haven't discovered who you are as an individual before you ever decide to take that step, you are in for a ride. The industry is vicious and will pick on every tiny detail of your body. Your hair, your nose, your body shape, your height, everything. That's why you will see so many young girls suffering with body dysmorphia in the industry. It is a shame that even after years, this is still the same story but it is time to change the narrative.

I often get asked by young girls what makes a good model or how do I become a model?

Well let's start with the basics

Self Love

Find Your Inner Queen

We all have that inner queen, confident, outspoken, and free. Find a way to reflect this on the outside as well. Refrain from letting the world dictate how you should look, what clothes you must wear, how much you ought to weigh. At the end of it all, these things don't matter because all they do is build insecurity and self-doubt. Let's focus on finding our inner queen and let her shine through. Let this be what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Focus On Being Healthy

This should be your ultimate goal. Not being skinny or being a bit bigger. Being healthy is the most important thing. For our bodies to even function and do the things we love to do, we need to treat it right.

In the modeling industry, every designer prefers a particular model with particular measurements so it indirectly becomes our responsibility as models to fit those requirements to get the job. You will find that in a period of one week, you have been too skinny, too fat, with bigger arms, shorter limbs and so much more. The truth is, you will never be everyone's cup of tea so let's focus on the important aspect , being healthy.


  1. Drink lots of water, it helps for the skin too.

  2. Eat healthy meals, run far away from those crazy diets.

  3. Exercise regularly, it keeps your body active.

  4. Do not skip meals, your body needs it.

  5. Lastly don't compare your body to others, it gives you unrealistic expectations.I'm of

Self Acceptance

Being able to accept your flaws regardless of what they are and being able to fall in love with them.

So what if you have stretch marks? So what if you are a little bit rounder on the thighs? So what if you have scars on your body? These flaws tell a story, they show us the unedited version of you. If you cannot accept these things about yourself then who will? If you don't learn to fall in love with them, who will? It is hard at first but when you do so, the world hears you and falls back in love with you too. We have seen this with models like Winnie Harlow, Ashley Graham who promote body positivity . These women embodied what made them stand out and made us fall in love with it too and guess what, So can you!

If don't like it, change it

Are you unhappy with something on your body, so much that it makes you so insecure? Your weight, your body parts, if it is something that can be changed, go for it.

Gone are the days where we shunned people in society for performing procedures on their bodies. They're so many non-invasive procedures out there. In reality, what does it matter? If it makes you feel good, and you can afford to do it and maintain it, go for it.

Always be sure to do as much research as possible before following through with any procedure that will alter your physical appearance, this can be damaging for your mental health. It could potentially do more harm than good.

If you feel you are bit chubby or too skinny, create a healthy diet routine. Do what you need to do to create that best version of yourself, just don't stay stuck in the same place.


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