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My 5-Minute Glow Recipe

Updated: Feb 5

This is my go-to routine for those days when I want to look bomb and effortless all at once.


We all need a hydration system for a fresh dewy skin feel. I personally prefer lightweight moisturisers for face and heavy balms for the body. Because of my skin tone, I need moisture more than the average caucasian skintype. I literally drench my skin in moisturiser that lasts for up to 24hrs and keeps everything looking hydrated and fresh.


An incredibly lightweight and subtle glow does the trick. A highlighter should be everybody's best friend, it's literally golden hour in a bottle. It gives a brightness to your face and simply syncs your makeup to give the perfect face beat.

Apply to the high points of your cheekbones with your fingers or a medium fluffy brush and the tip of your nose.


My go-to for fluttery, long and cost-effective mascara. Court every single eyelash with a creamy formula and you will thank me later.


Only for the pros if you’re in a rush, just a slick & flick for a sultry vibe.

Lip Gloss

Fenty Beauty just gets it. Fenty Glow is universally flattering, smells like summer & makes any pout perfect - a MUST have lip gloss!


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