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No More Monday Blues

Updated: Feb 5

Once in our lives, we have all been faced with the Monday blues. Wondering how to set our pace and mood after a weekend break.

How do you brace yourself for a new week? How do you prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for a new week?

I curated a few tips to help with that.

Prayer and meditation

I love a good prayer session to start my days. There's just a calm and serene feeling that comes with starting your day knowing that there is a higher power guiding your footsteps. There is nothing bigger than God and how he protects us. Dedicating your days to him and giving up control can be intimidating at first but its worth it.


I always start my week with affirmations. I would like to be able to control how I react to the situations that I face. With loved ones, with friends and colleagues. I always create a hide out within me that calms the storm when it starts to stir up.

When you're having one of those days, Try manifesting this

I am got this

I may not have the power to control what happens to me, but I can control how I react to it

I control my own narrative

For affirmations, try this

I am beautiful

I am whole

I am capable

Everything I touch today will blossom into something beautiful and fruitful

A good morning stretch

I have to admit, I am not a morning person so I'm always searching for ways to motivate myself to get out of bed without feeling like the weight of the world is weighing me back down. A walk by the beautiful sea side does it for me (I live on an island so its easier). A quick yoga session or gym workout to wake those muscles up and boom, you just created a pace and your body will be wired to keep up.

Pick out an amazing outfit for the day

There is an unexplainable power that comes with wearing a bomb outfit. It has the power to transform your mood. It could be the clothing choice (a power suit, a dress, heels) the pairing, the colour, it just has a way of shifting your mood.

Make up

Just like clothing, makeup has a super power. It has the ability to add that little spring to your step that makes everything seems a little happier. You don't need to over do it. Just a touch here and there and bam! You are out of the door feeling like the sexiest thing alive. Follow My 5-Minute Glow Recipe for a quick and easy morning routine.

A healthy breakfast

Nothing uplifts your mood like a nice healthy breakfast. I gravitate more to juices and fruits more than the hot stuff (I know most people love coffee)

Today there are so many breakfast options out there, from the classic coffee and toast down to more hearty meals like the breakfast bowls offered at cafes. After all, a happy tummy makes a happy person.

A positive attitude

You’d be surprised how far a positive attitude can uplift your day. Organize your tasks for the week and follow through with every single one of them with a positive attitude. This makes your tasks seem easier and more tolerable. Positive attitude rubs off easily and makes it more enjoyable for people to be around you.

There you are, you’re ready to face the week. Brace up because it’s going to be a great one.


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